The Top 20 Scariest Vacation Movies Ever

Summer is a time for travel, for relaxation, for exciting new experience. That’s why filmmakers seem to find it so perversely exciting to ruin our vacations, year after year after year.

The “scary vacation movie” is one of the most popular tropes in the horror genre. Just take a group of characters without a care in the world, take them out of their element, and subvert all their expectations. They could be attacked by monsters, invaded by homicidal maniacs or simply undone by the environment they thought would be so entertaining to explore in the first place. As long as you undermine the whole concept of a peaceful vacation, you’ve got a solid foundation for terror.

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The scariest vacation movies ever are a varied bunch, about different types of people on different types of journeys, but they all have one thing in common. They take the escapism that you fantasize about and make it absolutely terrifying.

And here they are.

The Top 20 Scariest Vacation Movies Ever:

Top Photo: Columbia Pictures

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