Motorcyclist Gets Cut Off On Freeway, Ends Up Riding On Top Of Car

Photo: YouTube

Probably not the best way to get to your destination.

Sometimes you’re on motorcycle and a snake tries to attack you, and sometimes you’re on a motorcycle and you end up on top of a car. OK, so these things don’t happen everyday, but the latter happened to the motorcyclist below.

So the incident kicked off when a motorcyclist was traveling on the left lane (the fast lane) on the LA freeway, when all of a sudden a car cuts him off, and the motorcyclist doesn’t have time to stop so he just ends up on top of the car. And oh, the driver actually continues to drive before he realizes just what in the hell has occurred.

Check out the video below.

Motorcyclist Gets Cut Off On Freeway, Ends Up Riding On Top Of Car

Here’s an important question: how high was that dude in that car? That dude didn’t even know where he was.

But let’s also rememebr that this motorcycle rider is pretty well known on the internet for starting trouble, and all in all being a super whiny dude. Now I’m not saying that the incident below was his fault, because it wasn’t, but he always finds himself in certain situations because he’s just a grade A tool.

Here’s an example.

Yep, he’s not a victim either.

h/t Bro Bible

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