Rumor: Scalebound is “Still Alive” and is Being Rebooted by Microsoft

Take this one with a huge, fistful of salt, but a new rumor suggests that Microsoft has rebooted Scalebound and that the IP is “still alive,” and that it could continue without Platinum Games’ involvement.

Scalebound was cancelled back in January, with Microsoft announcing that it “had come to the decision to end production” to the project. Developed by Platinum Games, Scalebound was set to be one of very few 2017 exclusives Microsoft had under its belt for the Xbox One, and its cancellation was met with widespread criticism as a result. Sources close to the project reportedly told Eurogamer: “With continuing issues surrounding the game’s engine and overdue deadlines, the decision was made that the project could no longer continue.”

However, Italian Twitter “industry insider” X-Rays has now claimed that development on the game has been resumed, with it now being created by an “entrusted” and “close” Microsoft team. X-Rays added: “Guys, i know the excitement, but keep in mind it’s an early, early info for a project rebooted from the ground. The IP is alive.”

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While this seems like an extremely optimistic rumor given the disappointing demise of the game, this information is given some credibility by the fact that Microsoft was recently granted a second extension of the Scalebound trademark. In an trademark listed on Justia, it’s revealed that Microsoft was given the second extension on May 3, following the filing of the trademark prior to its unveiling on November 18. The extension was also filed by Microsoft on the same date.

There’s no mention of Platinum Games from X-Rays, with the insider’s source seemingly claiming that Microsoft has handed the IP to another team. However, with X-Rays claiming that the rebooted version of the game is being built from the ground up, this could mean that Microsoft is looking to create a different style of game to Platinum’s original vision but still set within the Scalebound world.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft and will update this story when we receive a response.


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