Google May Enter The Video Game Console Wars

Photo: Vincent Isore/IP3 (Getty)

While Google isn’t exactly a newcomer to the gaming industry, thanks to YouTube Gaming, they’ve never shown any public desire to create their own platform.

That all changed this past weekend. Leaked news is suggesting Google is currently developing a console they believe will challenge both Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox.

Kotaku recently learned the technology conglomerate is in the midst of constructing their own gaming system code-named “Yeti,” which will be a streaming platform. Currently, not much is known about the project, though it’s believed the system will allow for play on multiple devices. This means you won’t need the most up-to-date computer or graphics card if you’re a PC gaming fan. The console would reportedly offload the work of rendering graphics to high-powered computers elsewhere. By doing so, it would allow you to play a graphics-heavy game on something as meager as a Chromebook.

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In addition to the actual streaming technology and alleged hardware, Google is also expected to bring in popular game development companies to work under the “Google Umbrella.” This could be the reason for the recent hiring of renowned video game executive Phil Harrison. His previous work includes projects for both Sony and Microsoft. Google has also brought on many former employees of gaming giants like EA and Blizzard in recent months.

As far as a “Yeti” release date, it remains a mystery. It certainly sounds like Google plans to give Sony and Microsoft a run for their money.


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