Is A New Xbox Coming In 2020?

Photo: Microsoft

Is your Xbox One starting to feel a little dusty and old? Well, it should considering Microsoft’s flagship console is just a few months away from its fifth birthday. Released in November of 2013, it’s no secret the Xbox One is nearing the end of its life cycle. But what’s next for the popular gaming device?

Well, according to Brad Sims at, the newest version of Microsoft’s Xbox is allegedly set to release sometime in 2020.

new xbox 2020

Photo: Christian Petersen (Getty)

Sims has reportedly found out the device is codenamed “Scarlett,” which not only applies to the alleged new Xbox, but also a hypothetical family of Xbox Next devices. What those devices are at this time are unknown. Although, they’ll likely branch off of the Xbox Next in some capacity.

Outside of an alleged release frame, little is known about the new system. However, it is said to be an upgrade over the current Xbox One X.

Speculation has suggested it was Microsoft who leaked news of the potential release in effort to get ahead of Sony, who recently announced a Playstation 5 console is unlikely to be released in the next three years.

Phil Spencer, Microsoft Executive President of Gaming, has yet to officially announce any word on the ‘Scarlett’ project, though did state they are currently “deep into architecturing the next Xbox consoles”.