Woman Puts Pepper Spray In Shower Head To Get Revenge On Boyfriend

Photo: YouTube

And yet, they are still together.

A couple of months ago we told you folks about a guy who decided to prank his girlfriend by controlling her vibrating panties in front of his mom for some reason. That guy? Ryan Hamilton of the very popular YouTube channel Hammy TV. Hammy TV just features Ryan and his girlfriend Jen pranking each other and destroying each other for our entertainment. You know, high brow stuff. And now Jen has brutally pranked Ryan.

After controlling her panties, Ryan also decided to add some extract from the world’s hottest pepper inside Jen’s underwear. And obviously that was quite painful. So as revenge Jen adds some pepper spray into the shower head. And let’s just say that it was pure hell for Ryan.

Check out two idiots in action below.

“My fucking dick is on fire!” Yes, those are the words screamed by Ryan. All in the name of entertainment and a few million views. But hey, everyone goes their own route in life, and this couple has chosen their path — to humiliate each other till death does them part. Which I’m assuming will happen if they keep this up.

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