Bow Wow Got Called Out Trying To Flaunt Faux Luxury Lifestyle On Instagram

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From years of being involved with hip hop music, I’ve become quite accustom to what Eazy-E referred to as “studio gangsters.” These are rappers whose lyrics were about hardcore gang shit, but in reality they were nowhere near the level of G portrayed in their music.

Another way rappers have historically given off fantasy vibes has been with material objects. By putting on displays of stacks of cash, fancy cars, lavish mansions and private jets, these cats were trying to make you believe that’s how they lived. In many instances, their lives were far different than what the music videos told.

Based on an Instagram post from this week, it looks like Bow Wow might be trying to sell you an image that isn’t quite real.

Bow Wow Gets Called Out When Trying To Floss On Instagram

Bow Wow posted a photo wherein he said he was traveling to New York for the day to do press for his show Growing Up Hip Hop. The picture he posted was of a private jet and two luxury cars, giving the impression that he boarded said jet after traveling there in a Mercedes.

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Seems like a fairly expensive travel day, right? I mean, it ain’t cheap getting a Benz and your own plane to get to the media capital of the world.

But according to this post on Twitter from a passenger on board a commercial flight, Bow Wow didn’t make it to the private jet. Instead, the rap artist allegedly posted the luxurious photo while boarding a regular ol’ plane like everybody else.


Damn, is Bow Wow out here selling you fake news? Let’s hope not. I’d hate to think he’s another emcee who pretends to be a baller when he’s really a buster.

h/t GQ

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