Rap Tribute To Hopper From ‘Stranger Things’ Serves As An Excellent Recap

Photo: Netflix

Have you seriously still not watched Stranger Things on Netflix? Are you really going to be one of those people who checks it out years later and posts a lame Facebook status saying something along the lines of “OK, so I finally got around to Stranger Things (I know I’m a little late to the party) and its SOOOOO good” and get maybe three Likes?

Here’s a much better idea: watch the video below from the same guy who brought us such amazing video tributes as the one celebrating Shooter McGavin of Happy Gilmore fame and Jeff Winger from cult comedy Community. Not only does police chief Hopper finally get the much deserved kudos he deserves, but the rap itself serves as the perfect way to refresh your memory before Season 2 of Stranger Things drops this Halloween.

Rap Tribute To Hopper From ‘Stranger Things’

The A Rap Story YouTube page is loaded with plenty more homages to pop culture icons from famous movies and TV shows just like this one (and a little birdie told us there are more on the way soon).

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