Insane Footage Shows Small Plane Crash Over Busy Road

Well, I guess that’s why there was traffic.

So what’s worse than having a sewage truck full of crap explode in front of you? How about a small plane crashing and leaving behind a burst of flames? Because that’s exactly what happened yesterday over a busy road in Mukilteo, Washington. And it was all caught on a dashcam.

The footage shows a small plane clip some power lines before crashing in a ball of fire. And somehow no one was injured. Talk about luck.

Check out the crazy footage below thanks to LiveLeak.

Insane Footage Shows Small Plane Crash Over Busy Road

And that huge explosion only caused damaged to several vehicles, with at least one car being burned.

It seems that the plane took off from Paine Field airport in Everett, only to come crashing down shorty after take off.

Well, let’s just be glad that no one was hurt, and only a few cars were damaged. Although one of those cars may have been some poor guy’s new car that he was really proud of. And now he has to take the bus. Sorry, man.

h/t ABC

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