Dude Become Internet Hero For Being Super Chill During Armed Robbery

Photo: YouTube

And hey, his reaction is better than what my reaction would have been in the same situation. Hint: I would crap my pants.

A 24-year-old assistant manager at a Jimmy John’s in Kansas City, Missouri named Tuker Murray has gone viral, and has reeled in plenty of fans after surveillance footage captured the employee acting as cool as a cucumber all while a gun was pointed right at his face during an armed robbery.

The armed robber, identified as Terry Rayford, walks up to Murray to order food and suddenly pulls out a gun and demands cash.

Now take a look at Murray’s reaction below.

Super chill indeed. Murray looks annoyed by everything — as if he’s thinking, “Again?”

“I was thinking, fuck this guy, dude,” Murray tells BuzzFeed. “Because he did it like a bitch.” Murray said he wasn’t afraid because he didn’t believe the robber was going to shoot him.

Rayford was actually already on parole for another armed robbery, and has been doing this to support a drug habit. So clearly this dude is quite the citizen.

“I was actually surprised when the detective told me that he had done like 12 other robberies and been to jail for it before, ‘cause it was amateur hour,” Murray said.

And don’t worry, folks. Rayford has of course already been caught by police.

h/t Huffington Post

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