Walmart Fight Caught On Camera Because Walmart

WrestleMania was just a few weeks ago, but the battle royal is spilling over into other arenas. And by arenas, I mean your local Walmart.

Over the weekend in a California town named Hesperia, a bloody fight broke out in the local Walmart, and it all was caught on camera because of course it was.

According to a news broadcast of the local NBC affiliate, an argument broke out between two women in the women’s clothing section of the store. From there, things went from 0 to 100 real quick and fists started flying from all sorts of folks.

Check out the full video below, and just know that the real action starts around the 2:25 mark.

Walmart Fight Caught On Camera Because Walmart

One guy was reportedly knocked unconscious and ended up lying in a pool of blood. The scene was bloody enough to where they had to call a hazmat team to come and clean up the mess. Even worse, some asshole apparently hit an 11-year-old kid in the middle of all the chaos, proving that some people are just uncanny pieces of shit.

Walmart is no foreign arena to fisticuffs. As you might have scene through the years, it’s the go-to battleground on Black Fridays where folks are running each other over to get some bullshit they saw in the ad. It’s the general public’s version of the UFC Octagon.

There’s even a damn playlist of Wal-Mart fights on YouTube. Enjoy!

So the next time you’re in Walmart, try not to cut in line, take the last set of Oreos, or argue with someone in the clothing section. Hell, you might just want to spend a couple extra bucks and go to Target.

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