Here’s A Horse Beating The Hell Out Of An Alligator

Photo: Facebook/Krystal M. Berry

So we’ve seen how alligators have the upper-hand most of the time. We saw it when we took a look at the video of an alligator jumping into a couple’s boat while they were on Facebook live, and we saw it when we saw an alligator carry a massive fish in his mouth across a golf course. But the video below is a tad different, as the alligator doesn’t exactly have the upper-hand.

So it’s pretty simple what occurred. A bunch of folks at the Paynes Prairie near Gainesville, Florida, witnessed a horse beating the hell out of an alligator — an alligator that was near the horse herd, and possibly thinking of taking a bite out of them. Well the horse wasn’t going to let that happen so he kicked the alligator a few times.

As the alligator strolls away, the horse continues to do damage until he finally lets up.

The video was shared by Krystal M. Berry on her Facebook, as she said she’s “still shaking.” Easy there, Krystal. Just nature being nature.

Here’s the video.

Here’s A Horse Beating The Hell Out Of An Alligator

Now it looks like the gator did bite the horse in the leg, but the horse got a few great kicks in.

According to Krystal, she contacted the reserve to check on both the horse and the alligator, but the reserve stated there “were no clear signs of distress / bleeding when we left the site.”

So all is well. Just two animals in a fight.

I’m just bummed out no one screamed “WorldStar!”

h/t Tampa Bay Times

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