The Undertaker Appears For the First Time Since His WrestleMania Retirement

The Undertaker has made his first appearance since his retirement at WrestleMania 33, though it probably isn’t what his fans would expect.

The Undertaker, who lost to Roman Reigns during the main event of this year’s WrestleMania and subsequently appeared to hang up his wrestling boots for good, appeared in promotional material for country music icon George Strait. In video footage seemingly recorded via webcam and posted to Strait’s official Twitter page, The Undertaker refers to the musician as “King George” and says that he has a song “for anything you may be going through in your life.”

The legendary WWE Superstar had a stellar 27-year career with the sports entertainment company, establishing a hugely impressive WrestleMania 21-0 winning streak that was finally ended by Brock Lesnar back in WrestleMania 30. His match against Roman Reigns saw him endure his second loss on the Grandest Stage of Them All, and following the match he left his hat and trench coat in the ring, signalling that he was on his way out of the company.

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Though ‘Taker has not been seen in public since his retirement (the man behind the character, Mark Calaway, has mostly kept out of the spotlight during his tenure with the WWE), George Strait has seemingly offered us a look at how post-retirement life is treating the Deadman, which apparently involves listening to a lot of country music.

Check out the video below:

Image Credit: WWE / WWE Network