Things Get Super Awkward When Girl Tries To See If Boyfriend Will Cheat On Her With Underage Pregnant Girl

Photo: YouTube

Anytime you watch any video on the extremely popular YouTube To Catch A Cheater, two things are certain: cheating is obviously not cool at all, and the host of the show is a complete and utter douchebag. Once you understand those two things, you can turn off your brain and enjoy these ridiculous videos. And here’s another one.

Now last time we talked about these type of videos it was to tell you all about a dude who was caught cheating on his girlfriend with a Kim Kardashian lookalike. But this time around a girl named Vanessa sets her boyfriend up by having a fake pregnant actress try to reel him in. And let’s just say that things got pretty awkward, and even more bizarre when the actress reveals to this dude that she’s only 16.

And yet, that doesn’t bother this creep.


Photo: YouTube

Take a look at the entire exchange below.

Well,it’s pretty clear that this dude just wants to get it in, and doesn’t care if this girl is underage, or that she’s pregnant. He even puts his arm around her in a total display of creepiness.


Well, looks like Vanessa found out what she wanted to find out: her boyfriend enjoys young, pregnant chicks. And we found out what we already knew: the host is the creepiest part of this entire video.

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