And Now for Some Reality TV That’s So Bad It’s Impossible to Stop Watching

Photos: Netflix

When it comes to the most addictive TV shows and the art of the endless binge, we know a thing or two, especially when it involves reality TV that’s so bad it’s impossible to stop watching. Look away now if you have any hopes for a future as we roll out the nasty Netflix carpet for some couch-convenient reality shows streaming now.

Whether you’re into body painting wars, cupcake baking wars, regular baking wars with stuffy British folk, big trucks on little roads, men killing animals, animals fighting in an underground wrestling ring, basic cheerleader drama or the obvious tension of an Australian tattoo parlor, we implore you to taste test each of these awful shows, so bad you can’t look away. It’s like a car wreck, if the car wreck involved little clown mobiles with endless weirdos rolling out of the burning doors while the flames overtake the vehicles once the airbags fail to deploy. It’s all a metaphor for great television, folks, reality television, and these (s)hit shows will make you turd your pants when you realize some of them have been on for several seasons now.

And Now for Some Streaming Reality TV Shows So Bad It’s Impossible to Stop Watching

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