Marvel’s Old Man Logan Gets His Own Statue

Nearly ten years ago, Mark Millar and Steve McNiven told the tale of Old Man Logan, a dystopian post-superhero future that imagined Wolverine as one of the very last heroes and well past his prime. The story was a hit with readers and it clearly inspired parts of the recently released Logan feature film, which also featured an aged Wolverine in his final adventure.

And while a live-action adaptation of Old Man Logan on the big screen would be impossible without special permission from Marvel, there’s nothing stopping Mezco Toyz from bringing the title character into your home as a statue. Mezco has revealed 1-12 scale state of Old Man Logan that is 15cm tall and comes with over 30 points of articulation, interchangeable hands, an alternate head, and…a baby Hulk.

Old Man Logan Statue 1

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Who is that Baby Hulk, you might ask? Well, one of the things that Fox couldn’t put into the Logan film was the gang of inbred cannibal Hulks that terrorized Old Man Logan and his family just because they could. And when we say “inbred,” we’re not kidding. That baby is the Bruce Banner, Jr., the son of the original Hulk and his cousin, She-Hulk. Not a fun image, is it?

At the end of Old Man Logan, the title character finally put down Banner, Sr. for good and took Banner’s son as his own. Way into the future of Miller’s Fantastic Four run, Old Man Logan and his grown up Hulk son reappeared for a brief time in the Marvel Universe. But it didn’t last, and now there’s a different Old Man Logan running around with the X-Men.

Old Man Logan Statue 2

The Old Man Logan statue is currently available for preorder and it is expected to ship between November 2017 and January 2018. The asking price for this statue is $80.

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Photo Credit: Mezco Toyz