Medics Fired After Video Of Them Dancing Around Unconscious Patient Goes Viral

Photo: LiveLeak

If there’s a dude lying naked and conscious in front of you, that is probably not the best time to break out into a dance.

Five medics are currently looking for a new job after video of them dancing around a naked man who is unconscious, and mocking him was leaked online, and of course has now gone viral. In the leaked video, you can clearly see doctors and nurses at the Santa Cruz de Bocagrande clinic in Bolivar, Colombia, have the time of their life, as the poor patient is lying face down with his ass exposed, waiting to get surgery.

Take a look at the video below thanks to LiveLeak.

Authorities have gone ahead and confirmed that five medics from the video have been fired, adding that they broke “all health protocols.”

Here’s what the clinic bosses had to say:

‘The respect for dignity of every patient is the most important thing in our clinic, therefore we strongly regret the inappropriate behavior of those who are working as professionals in the health sector, seen in the video recorded in one of our surgery rooms.”

A spokesman also had this to say:

“This is the first time in seven years of good service that we are living a situation like this and we have taken some measures in order not to repeat these horrific acts.”

Correction: it’s the first time video like this has leaked. So remember, if you’re ever heading out to get some surgery, just know that doctors and nurses may or may not be doing this:

h/t Daily Mail

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