10 Popular TV Shows That Honestly Just Need to Go

Photo: Eric McCandless/ABC (Getty)

We’ve been down this road too many times: watching a great show go to hell or just watching a piece of shit fossilize across a long, smelly decade. We’re talking about popular TV shows, ladies and gentlemen, and some of them honestly just need to go.

While you may assume from the cover photo that we’re just picking on shitty (in our humble opinion) television that needs to get out, we’re not out to get just the lucky turds that manage to stay afloat in the toilet that is popular TV. There’s a number of great shows that need to go as well, mainly to avoid turning into turds themselves. Unlike legends Breaking Bad and Seinfeld, who understood to get out on a high note or tell your story and bounce before people can start to pick on it, these shows are either dangerously close to overstaying their welcome, currently overstaying or just should never have made it past their pilot seasons.

Now we know what you’re thinking: Why can’t anybody say anything good about anything anymore? We’ll tell you why. It’s because people don’t know when it’s a good time to leave, and whether in TV or reality, that’s more than half the battle. So to these fine (and some shitty) programs, we say thank you, but you’re free to go, TV show.

10 Popular TV Shows That Honestly Just Need to Go

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