Watch Two Women Twerk On A Coffin Because Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

That may be the most depressing headline we’ve ever had to write, but hey, it’s a depressing world we live in. After all, this is the same planet where someone will gladly fall off a cliff to take the perfect selfie. Or turn to a career in porn after getting busted having sex with a minor. Or run over a family of four in a Walmart parking lot because they couldn’t get a refund on batteries. The list literally goes on and on.

Yet, somehow, we’ve still managed to hit a new low. Or rather, the women in the following video shot somewhere in South America did. You’ve already read the description, so there’s not much left to say. Let’s roll the footage:

Two Women Twerk On Coffin At Funeral

Maybe the guy in the pine box really did enjoy reggaeton music, which Daily Mail Online gives as a possible explanation for the display above. Perhaps he even requested to have it played during his funeral procession as friends and family gathered around and danced. We get that. Funerals are tough times. Sometimes trying to keep things light eases the pain a little. But there’s gotta be a line in the sand at hopping up on the coffin, twerking your ass off for over two minutes, and having the crowd of spectators (I refuse to call them mourners at this point) throw ice water on you while lifting up your skirt and slapping your ass all the while, right?! To quote a famous fashion designer, “I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!”

Look, I’ll admit it: sometimes etiquette can be tricky. When someone comes to your house to drop off furniture, and you paid extra for installation, do you still tip them? If you’re having a baby shower and you know your friends from out of state won’t be able to make it, do you still send them an invitation? These are iffy questions. But do we really need to have a discussion on funeral behavior? Is that where we’re at as a society now? If so, then there’s a famous professor whom I’d like to quote  as well:

women twerk on coffin

You know what, let’s just chalk it up to a boring funeral and call it a day: Women Are Twerking On Cars In Miami Because How Else Do You Cure Boredom?