The ‘Hell Challenge’ Is The Newest Way For Kids To Piss Off Their Parents On The Internet

Photo: NBC

But remember, folks, cursing is a sign of high challenge.

Every so often we get a new, random internet challenge that is so pointless, it’s actually hilarious. From the LazyMan Challenge to the 100 layer challenge, people everywhere are using their precious time to act like idiots. And that’s a good thing because we continue to be entertained. And now, we have a new challenge. It’s called “Hell Challenge.”

Dumb kids can do this challenge because it’s fairly simple: a teen asks their parent if “hell” is a swear word, and then they just keep using it in the conversation. Oh, and then they proceed to film their parent’s reaction and share it with us all. What a great waste of time. And yet, it’s pretty damn hilarious.

Check out some of the best ones below.

Can someone please tell me if this mom is OK?

Here’s to another challenge that will come and go. Looking forward to the next one.

h/t Someecards

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