Great Memes From The Movie Starship Troopers

Love memes, kill bugs, that’s what we’re all about, and of course that Starship Troopers (1997) is one of our favorite sci-fi movies ever made. In modern times movie only reaches a cult status when memes are made from it, and somewhat surprisingly, as it is a ’90s movie, Starship Troopers produced a number of great memes. Probably because it manages to build a really rich futuristic world, so different from the one we’re living in, but somewhat also similar. Also, the infomercial-like propaganda videos recurring in the movie, and always ending with “Would you like to know more?” are perfect for the meme treatment.

Director Paul Verhoeven’s movie had an ensemble cast of who’s who amongst the young, upcoming actors at that time – Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards, Neil Patrick Harris, and besides the later ST was their defining and best movie. While the film is made after the same-named book by Robert A. Heinlein, it’s really different from it while having some similar themes. But both are good in their own, very separate ways.

Buuuuuut, the book didn’t produce dank memes or had stunning Denise Richards and Dina Meyer, so while we respect the work of literature, we cherish the movie more. In case your memory isn’t as fresh on the material, futuristic human civilization goes to war with giant bugs from another solar system. The young characters start off in basic training where they learn some valuable life lessons the hard way.
Great memes - Starship TroopersThe event that sets the war in the film is the complete and unexpected destruction of Buenos Aires by the alien bugs, and ridiculing the 9/11 conspiracies, the fans of the movie made accusations that the whole attack was staged by the human government in order for the public to be willing to go to war.
Starship Troopers memesStarship Troopers great memesOf course, as for any conspiracy theory, especially false flag ones, the views are quite strong. But seeing how the event affected the main character Johnny Rico – the famous “I’m from Buenos Aires, and I say kill them all” line, this idea doesn’t seem too wild to us. What do you think about this conspiracy?

Starship troopers political memes

The movie in which the humans live in a globally unified, militaristic, fascist world really had a resurgence in 2016 when it comes to memes, and especially the political memes which kept on coming. Some of the biggest topics of the year were tackled with the authority of Starship Troopers.
Starship Troopers best memesGreat memes from Starship TroopersStarship troopers political memesThe second one of the bunch is not just a meme, it’s also a very sound idea, and every college student would sign the petition for it in their sleep, and it will also boost the sign-up rates for the military by 500%. Especially for the Mobile Infantry of the USA – Marine Corps.  

Somewhat fittingly, one person was in the center of the Starship Troopers memes sudden mania – the now president of the United States of America Donald Trump. We’re not sure who made the memes, his supporters, neutrals, or people who are on a crusade against him, but kudos to them regardless. Funny is funny, and great memes are great memes.    
Starship Troopers funny memesStarship Troopers Donald Trump great memesOne of the main protagonists of the movie is a young, psychic officer Carl Jenkins who can sense the feelings of bugs, played by Neil Patrick Harris, and of course that the fans of How I Met Your Mother couldn’t resist doing crossover memes. Suffice to say – they are legendary.
Great memesStarship Troopers How I Met Your Mother great memesNot to mention that these “high as f**k” memes are always hilarious.

Which of these great memes from Starship Troopers do you like the most? And leave other memes from the movie in the comments, do you get us?

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