The Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Memes

Comic book movies are the biggest thing of the 21st century (after memes that is). So it is only natural that we have a bunch of superhero memes. And since 90 percent of comic book movies (as well as 90 percent of good comic book movies) are from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s a bunch of memes about them, almost as many as there are actual Marvel movies. Almost. Since we’ve reached the conclusion of the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s a good thing to remind ourselves that the Marvel movies can bring us happiness, especially given that the last movie, Avengers: Infinity War, broke our hearts by killing off all our favorite characters.

Marvel memes
Talk all you want about the last movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but what Infinity War took in characters, it gave back in memes. Thanos giveth and Thanos taketh away. What made the movie so great is that you understood where Thanos was coming from. The same goes for this meme.
Black Panther memes
Wakanda for…as long as it doesn’t get repetitive? Even Chadwick Boseman got tired of the Black Panther hype eventually.
Marvel Universe memes
And if someone doesn’t like the previous Black Panther meme, we have this one to defend ourselves. Mandatory would like to take this moment to thank subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing for providing us with so many memes. They’re a gift even if you have the hearing of Spiderman.

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Avengers memes
The award for the “Meme Your Aunt Is Most Likely To Share on Facebook” goes to this Captain America meme. And you know what? The aunt gets a pass this time as this is truly relatable.

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Best Marvel memes
This Marvel Cinematic Universe meme will not find its place on your aunt’s Facebook wall, but if it does, please provide us with a friend suggestion. If you told us before Infinity War that one Marvel character was going to get sexually objectified, we would’ve guessed Black Widow as any sane person. But no, the internet got the hots for Thanos. We won’t jump into those daddy issues. They are worst than Gamora’s.
Thanos memes
It goes much further than this, you guys. Rule 34 is more of a law than a rule by now. Like gravity.
Great Marvel cinematic universe memes
Marvel movies made up for all the flak they get about being unrealistic with this scene. It’s easily the most realistic scene in cinematic history, at least for Millennials.
Dank Thanos memes
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is basically the longest running and the biggest TV series masked as a bunch of interconnected movies. So if you understood all of these memes you can put that on your CV without shame.