This TV Kiss Is So Damn Cringey It Actually Hurts To Watch

Photo: Facebook

Just when we thought that this dude on TLC’s Love at First Kiss gave the worse kiss in TV history, in walks Andrew from Australia’s Married at First Sight with his guitar, his terrible lyrics and his awkward approach. Andrew should have left his guitar at home. Well, he should have just stayed home altogether.

The scene below features a date between Andrew and Cheryl on the Australian show. Andrew takes Cheryl to the beach for a candlelit dinner. And that’s all fine and dandy, but why did Andrew decide to take out his guitar like a college guy at some party ready to play some Oasis? That’s just awkward for everyone. But Andrew decides to make things more awkward by going in for the kiss.

That was a mistake.

This TV Kiss Is So Damn Cringey It Actually Hurts To Watch

“I don’t want to kiss you.” Holy hell. That was just brutal to watch. Andrew literally just pulled her in and made sure Cheryl was going to kiss him back — so much so that Cheryl gave in, and then told him she wasn’t up for kissing.

Andrew looks completely defeated. And yet, it’s pretty damn hilarious to watch, but that’s mainly because we aren’t Andrew. Thankfully.

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