21 Childhood Photos Of Famous Comedians

Photo: via Tumblr

Regardless of how famous or successful or rich someone is, they all of course had a childhood–a childhood that of course wasn’t filled with money and fame from the get-go. Well, for the majority of famous folks at least. And that is why it’s always fun to look back and look at some of the childhood photos of famous men and women. We did it when we took a trip back to check out some childhood photos of the Game of Thrones cast, and we did it again when we checked out childhood photos of legendary musicians. But now this time around it’s all about the comedians, folks!

So take a look at the slideshow below to see comedians from Louis C.K. to Conan O’Brien’s photos from the past, and more. It’s always nice taking a stroll back in time, and now here’s your chance. So enjoy and laugh it up!

21 Childhood Photos Of Famous Comedians

So as you can see, even your favorite comedians were awkward growing up, and they turned out pretty well.

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