Watch This Teacher In Spain Destroy A Laptop After A Student Disrespects Him

Photo: YouTube

I think teachers are slowly, but surely losing their mind.

School is definitely not what it used to be, because when teachers aren’t putting students in chokeholds, or when they aren’t having relationships with one of their students, they are apparently smashing laptops left and right. At least that’s what one teacher in Spain did recently, and it was all caught on tape.

The yet to be identified teacher is all over the internet after someone captured him going crazy on a laptop after a student disrespects him.

The craziness kicks off when the teacher is seen talking to the student, and saying this: “I am asking for a bit of effort. I am asking you for a bit of effort to learn this. We are taking 20 minutes to learn this, 20 f*****g minutes.”

And well, this is what the student responds with: “I am paying for this, retard, am not I?”

Big mistake, buddy. Because this is how the teacher reacts.

Watch This Teacher In Spain Destroy A Laptop After A Student Disrespects Him

“How dare you say retarded? Perhaps you should stop even trying and do b****r all Dani Mateo, I cannot afford it otherwise,” is what the teacher says before the laptop feels his rage.

And Dani Mateo is apparently the private academy where this incident took place.

While it is not clear at the moment if this incident is being investigated by authorities, chances are that someone is going to need a new laptop. Or perhaps this teacher needs a vacation from having to deal with bratty kids.

h/t Daily Mail

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