First Look | ‘Power Man & Iron Fist’ # 13

It’s fitting that the news about the Runaways TV series on Hulu broke this week, since one of the former lead characters from the comic, Alex Wilder, has been making trouble for Luke Cage and Danny Rand in the pages of Marvel’s Power Man & Iron Fist ongoing series. Now that Alex isn’t dead anymore, he’s been on a quest to restore the Pride, the criminal empire co-founded by his parents. And to do that, Alex has been recruiting several of Luke Cage/Power Man’s villains for a war against Tombstone.

But it hasn’t gone well for Alex, and now one of Cage’s longtime foes is dead. In our first look at Power Man & Iron Fist # 13, Cage pays his respects to the fallen as the larger conflict with Tombstone starts to boil over. This war is far from finished…

Power Man and Iron Fist 13 page 1Power Man and Iron Fist 13 page 2Power Man and Iron Fist 13 page 3Power Man and Iron Fist 13 page 4Power Man and Iron Fist 13 cover

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Here’s Marvel’s description for Power Man & Iron Fist # 13.  David F. Walker is the writer of the series, and the art for this issue was drawn by Elmo Bondoc, with colors by John Rauch.

“TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Jessica Jones left and took Danielle with her. Luke is not taking it well. Danny wants to be there for his friend, but he’s got issues of his own. Double, double, toil and trouble are brewing…”

Power Man & Iron Fist # 13 will be released on Wednesday, February 8 in comic stores everywhere.

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Photo Credit: All images provided by Marvel Comics