18 Reasons The ’90s Actually Sucked

Photo: Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect (Getty).

The internet has done its absolute best to convince us that the ’90s were the greatest years mankind has ever experienced. Seriously, we don’t need another article about the things that only ’90s kids will remember, because we’re bombarded with them every single day of our lives (heck, we’re guilty of them ourselves). But what about all the terrible things that happened in the ’90s? And I’m not just talking about social issues; I mean in pop culture and entertainment, too. This is the anti-’90s celebration. This is a look at all the things we tried to forget from the ’90s. Here are 18 reasons why said decade actually kind of sucked.

That was a fun trip down memory lane, huh? Still think the ’90s was all that?

OK, these two ’90s movies are still pretty cool: ‘Speed’ VS. ‘Con Air’: Which Action Movie Ruled The ’90s?


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