Study: Where Do America’s Sports Stars Come From?

Ever wondered where a majority of pro athletes come from?

Well, a team over at Area Vibes did what I’ve always wanted to do and searched endless pro sports reference pages to find out.

Take a look at the first map, and you’ll be surprised. Look carefully.

Washington D.C.? Really?

But when you think more about the numbers, it makes sense.

D.C., while a a U.S. district, is simply one of America’s largest markets. If you took simply “New York,” “Chicago” or “Los Angeles,” those cities would outnumber any state as well.

Also, it appears this study has taken account for all pro athletes from the past century, meaning states that were less populous before the 1960s — such as Arizona and Florida — aren’t represented as highly as they would be if only accounting for current athletes.

So don’t be moving your kids to Mississippi just yet.

The numbers below for hockey I guarantee still ring true today.

Again, this is a fascinating look at where pro athletes have come from over the course of history. But you can’t tell me Texas, Florida and California aren’t pro football havens today.

You can see the full study here, complete with Top 20 maps for each sport

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.

Study via Area Vibes