Exclusive Preview | ‘Detective Comics’ # 949

Detective Comics is nearing a major comics publishing milestone, and the official unveiling of the League of Shadows. But first, it’s time to put the spotlight on Kate Kane, a.k.a. Batwoman! In the present, Batman trusts Kate to lead the team of next generation heroes…and Clayface. Kate also has to deal with her father, Jacob Kane, the man behind Colony; which attempted to create an army of Batmen. Now, Colony wants Jacob Kane back, and its most fearsome warrior has just taken down Batman and Batwoman without breaking a sweat.

Last issue also featured a few flashbacks to Kate’s early days in costume, as she and her father bonded during her first outings as Batwoman and their mutual stalking of Batman…who did not take kindly to the intrusion. Now, in CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Detective Comics # 949, we see what happened when Batman finally tracked down the rookie Batwoman in her own lair and left under his own power.


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Detective Comics # 949 was written by James T Tynion IV and Marguerite Bennett, with art by Ben Oliver, and a variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque. Here’s the official description from DC Comics:

 “The mission faces a deadly complication—the Colony wants Jacob Kane back, and they’ll kill to set him free!”

DC will release Detective Comics # 949 on Wednesday, January 25 in comic book stores everywhere.

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Photo Credit: All images provided by DC Comics.