Exclusive Preview | ‘Justice League vs. Suicide Squad’ # 5

The two premiere superhero teams of the DC universe have collided! But the Justice League and the Suicide Squad now have much bigger problems than each other.

Max Lord is back, and he brought the original Suicide Squad with him as he attempted to eliminate Amanda Waller. But that was just a prelude to Max’s real agenda. He wanted to find Eclipso’s diamond, and he did! Now, Max has the diamond, and with it, he’s achieved total domination of the Justice League’s most powerful members.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Justice League vs. Suicide Squad # 5, Max Lord puts his endgame in motion as he sends out the League to conquer the United States…in 15 minutes or less! But the real Squad is still alive, and they may have a few unexpected allies in their quest to bring down Max’s reign before it really begins.

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For the fifth issue of this crossover event, writer Joshua Williamson is joined by artist Robson Rocha, with inkers Jay Leisten, Daniel Henriques, Sandu Florea, and Oclair Albert, and Alex Sinclair with Jeremiah Skipper on colors. Here’s DC’s solicitation text for the issue.

[REDACTED] has finally obtained that which [REDACTED] has sought all this time—it’s the means to utterly [REDACTED] the Justice League forever. Now, only [REDACTED] and the Suicide Squad stand in [REDACTED] path of total world domination. No pressure!

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad # 5 will be released on Wednesday, January 18 in comic stores everywhere.

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Photo Credit: All images provided by DC Comics.