Ever Wonder What Disney Princesses Would Look Like As Potatoes?

Photo: Disney / Pixar

We’re going to be quite honest with you here: this is the single greatest concept in history. In fact, once you see what this brilliant artist has done by reimagining the most famous Disney princesses as potatoes, you’re going to wonder where this idea has been all your life. (Sidenote: we’re referencing The Simpsons quotes at every opportunity now. It was our New Year’s resolution. Just check out this week’s GIFs of the week if you don’t believe us.)

Now, we don’t want to oversell it, as we are currently living in an age of hyperbole where everything is either the greatest in existence or the worst ever. However, after scanning through the first couple potato renditions of your favorite childhood heroines, you’ll clearly see they all hit their mark (well, at least at first). You’d be hard-pressed not to immediately see what the artist is going for here at the very least. A minimalist approach? Perhaps, but does that make it any less genius? We think not.

This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like As Potatoes

via Imgur

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