You Might Piss Yourself Listening To Ozzy Man Review The Video Of A Dresser Falling On These Poor Toddlers

If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching an “Ozzy Man Reviews” video, do yourself a favor and call into work, grab a six-pack of your favorite brewski and get ready to live through hours upon hours of hilarity. I mean, whether it’s this guy reviewing an episode of Game of Thrones or talking over a massive pileup of cars during a snowstorm in Montreal, everything this guy does winds up being comedy gold.

This latest clip of him narrating a video of two toddlers dicking around on a dresser that eventually falls and pins one of them against the ground for a good amount of time might just be his best effort yet. And before you freak out and think that we’re all being massive turds by laughing at a child who’s being crushed by a dresser, keep in mind that the kid escaped the traumatic episode without a scratch on him.

We’ll go ahead and agree with Ozzy Man that the fact that this was being hailed as a rescue effort instead of an assassination attempt is pretty ridiculous. Let’s hope it doesn’t take that kid doesn’t take that long to think about what he should do when a train is barreling down the tracks at him and his brother.

h/t BroBible

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