Delta Flight Forced To Return To Airport 20 Minutes After Takeoff Due To Couple Who Went Completely Bonkers

Photo: YouTube

I wonder if this counts as inflight entertainment.

Forget about having a pretty normal flight these days, because more and more bizarre things are occurring on planes. And whether it was actual snakes on a plane to Mexico City, or a man getting naked and making threats, it seems as if there is always something crazy happening on planes. And this story is no different.

On a Delta flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, Blake Adam Fleisig and Anna Christine Koosmann were both arrested and kicked off the plane after, according to a passenger, the couple “refused to follow crew instructions, [and] became aggressive and created a disruption.”  And because of this nonsense, the plane actually had to turn back around and fly back to the airport where they took off from.

Check out the video below of the couple being taken off the flight, and heads up: There are some swear words included.

It seems that the chaos started after Koosmann got up to use the bathroom shortly after the plane took off, but decided to not listen to crew members telling her to go back to her seat. Another passenger also reveals that Fleisig also attacked someone while being removed.

Airport spokesman Patrick Hogan said that the couple was booked and released at the airport, but that Koosmann was taken to the county detention center for booking after she was “uncooperative.” Take it easy, lady.

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Fleisig and Koosmann both face disorderly conduct charges.

Good luck getting on another flight, lovebirds.

Via NY Daily News

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