The Funniest Local News Interviews Of 2016 Are Here

It sure has been a hell of a year, and I mean that in a negative way and not in a “oh man, it’s been a hell of a year” way. And while it seemed like the media and “fake news” was at the forefront of everything, we can at least kick back and squeeze out a few laughs before this horrible year is over. Hey, we need to go into 2017 with a smile, right? At least we can try.

So while we saw suck local news interview gems like the hilarious toothless Australian, and the drunk as all hell woman who decided to interrupt a reporter to inform him someone had lost three dollars, there were plenty of other hilarious local news interviews this crazy year.

So thanks to YouTube, here are the most hilarious of the bunch. Enjoy the laughs, folks.

Well, now that we are all in a good mood, here’s hoping that we can keep that good mood going into 2017, because we all know we are going to have to brace ourselves for what can possibly be another rough year.

And this was a different sort of interview that didn’t go as planned: Japanese Man Shows Up For Job Interview, Gets Arrested After He Steals Company President’s Wallet