Two Old Ladies Driving And Looking For Candle Store Fall Into Loading Ramp

It just looked like a road, didn’t it?

The good news for two elderly women looking for a candle supply store in an industrial park just outside of Birmingham, Alabama  recently is that they still have a pulse.

The bad news? You guessed it: Their car is totally fucked after the old lady behind the wheel of what was presumably either some kind of Buick or Lincoln Continental made a left down an alley and thought she could drive straight through it. But you see, you just can’t do that when there is a loading ramp in the middle of said alley:

Two Old Ladies Driving And Looking For Candle Store Fall Into Loading Ramp

You have to admire the dedication of these adorable old ladies, as it sounds as if the one behind the wheel continues to try to start their “smoking” ride back up despite the fact that they just crashed into a flooded loading ramp. And despite the fact that their car is totally dicked, instead of asking whoever has come to their aid for some kind of assistance in getting out of the pit, their only concern is about what they came there to do in the first place: find some fucking candles.

Seriously, I haven’t seen dedication like that since my wife’s dog chewed on his ass for damn near 25 minutes. I’m not sure what was back there or why he was doing it for so long, but he hasn’t done it since, so I can only assume that he got the job done right then and there.

h/t Barstool Sports

Sorry about that. I was shaving my crotch and lost control of the car: The 10 Dumbest Reasons For Car Crashes