Dude Loses MMA Fight And Accidentally Punches Ring Girl In The Face

You will be awarded zero points for that, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Melissa Lori is a smoking hottie who turned her good looks and stunning smile into a great gig as the “Ring Girl” for Titan FC 42. Now we’ve been wrong before, but we’re pretty sure that when her agent had her read through the contract before signing it, this wasn’t part of her job description:

Yeah, that’s going to leave a mark.

And so this is.

To her credit, Lori jumped on Instagram just two days later in a rather jolly mood for somebody who just got accidentally jacked in the face to let everybody know that she was thankfully OK.

“2 days ago I got punched in the face accidentally by an mma champion on national tv,” Lori wrote. “I thought this was a nightmare and I was completely mortified. I have had people writing nasty comments and laughing thinking this was a joke. This was no joke and yes I am lucky to have walked out of the ring with just a sore chin. The fighter and I hugged afterwards and he apologized. Now I can laugh about the exposure it is bringing me. Bang that till you pass out. Chin of steal baby.”

Let’s go ahead and see some of Lori:

A photo posted by Melissa Lori (@melissalori) on

A photo posted by Melissa Lori (@melissalori) on

A photo posted by Melissa Lori (@melissalori) on

A photo posted by Melissa Lori (@melissalori) on

We’re OK, too.

h/t COED

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