Exclusive Preview | ‘Nightwing’ # 10

Who is Nightwing? At this point, even Dick Grayson isn’t sure anymore! After reclaiming his superhero identity, Grayson teamed up with the man known as Raptor, who claimed that he could be a better mentor than Bruce Wayne or Batman. Raptor even knew secrets about Grayson’s past that made him seem like family, but it was a long con and Raptor has now been exposed and defeated.

With his trust shaken, Grayson recently met the pre-52 Superman and discovered that his counterpart in another world had made a name for himself by protecting a city called Blüdhaven. Superman neglected to mention how badly that ended for Batman’s former partner, but let’s wait and see if any supervillains have a spare Chemo lying around to destroy it.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Nightwing # 10, we get the first hint at some of the problems awaiting Grayson in his new city, as we discover which career path he intends to take outside of his costumed identity.

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Writer Tim Seeley and artist Marcus To are the primary creative team for Nightwing # 10. Here’s DC’s description of the issue.

“BLUDHAVEN” part one! Following “Night of the Monster Men” and his battle with Raptor, Nightwing heads to Blüdhaven for a fresh start. But that doesn’t last long when he runs into a crew of former Bat-villains!

Nightwing # 10 will be released this Wednesday, December 7 in comic shops everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by DC Comics