Exclusive Preview | DC’s ‘New Talent Showcase’ # 1

This week, DC is reviving an old tradition with the New Talent Showcase # 1 one-shot, which paris graduates of DC’s Talent Development workshop with some of the best up and coming artists in the comic book industry. To mark the occassion, CraveOnline is exclusively debuting artwork from two of the stories within!

The first story in the New Talent Showcase is called “The Road to Hell,” by writer Adam Smith and artist Siya Oum. Naturally, it follows John Constantine, the Hellblazer himself, as he goes on an epic bender in Hell. But it’s not just a bar crawl for John, as he’s got a mission in the underworld. Constantine wants to help someone close to him, but he’s not going to like what he discovers in the realm of the damned!

And in our second preview, we’re taking a look ahead at “The Man in Black,” a short story by writer Michael McMillian, and artist Juan Ferreyra that starts on the day that Superman arrived on Earth, and reveals that he wasn’t the only strange visitor from another world to arrive that day. In the present, the pre-New 52 Superman is forced to deal with someone else’s archenemy, who has found a way to strike at the Man of Steel in the most personal way possible.

Here’s the official description of the New Talent Showcase from DC.

“In this new one-shot, Wonder Woman unleashes her true god of war against a parade of monsters! Superman discovers a new threat that might be bigger and badder than The Joker himself! Hawkgirl solves crimes in the weird weapons unit for the GCPD! Carol Ferris and Kyle Rayner fight about ice cream in space! You’ll find all of this and so much more in NEW TALENT SHOWCASE #1, where recent graduate writers from the inaugural DC Talent Development workshop showcase some of their strongest work yet! See what they’ve learned from masters of the craft Scott Snyder, Jim Lee and Klaus Janson.”

DC’s New Talent Showcase # 1 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, November 30.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by DC Comics