‘Teen Jeopardy!’ Contestant Has His Dreams Shattered As He Loses Everything By Just One Damn Dollar

Man, wait until he learns his school loans will follow him until the day he dies.

I don’t know many people who actually watch Jeopardy!, as the majority of us just see the clips that go viral from that show. It is kind of like how we learned that Alex Trebek destroyed a woman with just one comment. Or when we learned of the woman on that show who had the most annoying voice on the planet. But every so often those nerdy guys and gals on Teen Jeopardy! do something that reels everyone in. This is one of the moments.

So here’s what happened. Contestant Alec not only got the Final Jeopardy! question right, correctly answering “Mayflower Compact,” but he reeled in a bunch of cash. But there is one problem: He didn’t win enough to win the whole damn tournament: The dude next to him won. By a single dollar. Holy hell.

Check it out below:

Everything inside of Alec is dead.

Let’s watch that again:

And of course the dude who won, Shareth, has a winning smile on his face.

This is one day Alec will never forget.

teen jeopardy1

h/t Barstool Sports

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