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Someone Tell This ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Jack White And Eminem Aren’t The Same Person

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

I know the folks on Jeopardy! are very smart and they have a ton of knowledge on various subjects. But something tells me they don’t know much when it comes to pop culture. And yes, I know pop culture isn’t important, but it is important when Alex Trebek ask you a question on it and you have no idea what the answer is. And that is what happened recently to a Jeopardy! contestant named Julie.

The question kicked off by showing a photo of Jack White with a goatee and a pencil thin mustache. Trebek then asked the following question:

“A recent vinyl resurgence has been aided by this musician, who built a pressing plant in his Detroit hometown.”

And this is how Julie answered.

Holy hell, Julie. Not every musician from Detroit is Eminem. And why the hell would Eminem build a pressing plant? A restaurant where they serve spaghetti would be more appropriate.

And no, Julie did not end up winning.

I don’t know if Julie is going to be able to let this down. But hey, at least now she knows Eminem and Jack White are two different people.

h/t Pitchfork 

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