The 9 1/2 Best Thanksgiving Movies Ever

Every holiday has a movie nowadays, and the biggest holidays usually have a whole bunch of them. But whereas every year brings with it a veritable ton of Halloween and Christmas flicks, Thanksgiving movies sometimes seem to get to get the short shrift. Maybe that’s because, for many people, the holiday represents an opportunity to spend time interacting with your family instead of staring at a screen all day. Or maybe it’s because family get togethers drive a lot of us insane and we’d rather not be reminded by a bunch of millionaires how much fun we’re “supposed” to be having.

Whatever the reason, there just seem to be fewer great Thanksgiving movies than you might think, but we’ve still seen the whole lot of them, and we still have our favorites. So as you thaw the turkey, or do whatever it is you do to the tofu, consider the following 9 1/2 classic Thanksgiving movies to put on in the background.

Oh, and please pass the stuffing?

The 9 1/2 Best Thanksgiving Movies Ever:

Top Photo: Dimension Films

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