Look How Pornhub Trolled Kylie Jenner And Her Recent Lingerie Pictures

In case you didn’t hear (although we made sure to tell you) Kendall Jenner quit Instagram, and we celebrated by sharing one final post about her boobs. And while Kendall was saying so long to social media for now, Kylie Jenner was taking this chance to share some revealing pictures on her own Instagram — pictures that revealed her pierced nipples. And sure, they were great pictures, but Pornhub decided to troll her with a brutal tweet.

If you don’t know, Pornhub’s social media accounts is ran by a gal named Aria, and she used those Kylie pictures on Instagram, as well as one Kylie shared on Twitter, to drop this line on her.  So let’s first check out the picture that Kylie posted on Twitter:

And now check out what Pornhub said in response to this photo thanks to their Twitter:

Burn. And if it flew over your head Pornhub clearly means that Kylie is getting closer and closer to just turning towards porn — a decision that I think we would all be OK with.

Now look at how Twitter reacted to the burn.

Yep. We agree.

h/t Bro Bible

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