Exclusive Preview | X-Men ’92 # 9

Earlier this year, writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers joined with artist Alti Firmansyah to bring Marvel’s mutants back to a world inspired by their animated adventures in the ’90s. But now, X-Men ’92 only has two issues left, and the heroes are about to get the fight of their lives!

It’s bad enough that the team had to miss most of Lilapalooza when they were sent across the galaxy on an interstellar adventure involving their old friend, Lila Cheney, sometimes frenemy Abigal Brand, and Death’s Head. They even encountered a group of mutant Brood who now call themselves the X-Brood, under the protection of the X-Men.

Back on Earth, Apocalypse was revealed as the puppet master behind the Upstarts, and now only two of his pawns remain: Cassandra Nova and Joseph, the young clone of Magneto! But a greater threat awaits: Xodus the Forgotten!

CraveOnline’s preview for the penultimate issue of this series finds the X-Men arriving in Earth’s orbit, only to get a first-hand view of Xodus! And he’s looking a bit more like Galactus than the Exodus we knew from the Marvel universe…

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X-Men 92 9 pages 1 and 2 X-Men 92 9 page 3X-Men 92 9 cover

Here’s Marvel’s solicitation text for X-Men ’92 # 9:

“Apocalypse is back – and he’s got big plans! How will the X-Men survive their biggest enemy yet? And more so, how will they get back to Lilapalooza?!”

X-Men ’92 # 9 will be released in comic stores everywhere on Wednesday, November 23.

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Photo Credit: All images provided by Marvel Comics