Exclusive Video | Mike Colter Has Demands on ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’

IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! is coming to an end after five seasons, but one of the final episodes is bringing out a new side of Luke Cage star, Mike Colter!

For the third-to-last episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!, Colter and Andy Daly will be joining host Scott Aukerman and bandleader “Weird Al” Yankovic. Obviously, Colter will be there to promote Luke Cage and his other Marvel series, but Comedy Bang! Bang! isn’t like other talk shows. And it’s giving Colter a chance to show off his sense of humor.

CraveOnline is debuting an exclusive preview from this Friday’s episode, which features the interview taking an increasingly bizarre turn as Colter schools Aukerman and Weird Al on the correct pronunciation of both his name and Cage’s name, before issuing a very Rumpelstiltskin-like demand for anyone who uses Netflix to…shall we say, expand the family.

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Of course, Colter is just joking. But his deadly serious facial expression is what really sells the gag. It’s hilarious, and it’s almost like he’s taking his cue from David Bowie’s Goblin King from Labyrinth! Although, now we kind of want to see Colter go full Jareth.

You can find the first season of Luke Cage on Netflix, and Colter is currently filming The Defenders, which will debut next year. Colter’s episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! will debut this Friday, November 18 on IFC.

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Photo Credit: IFC