You May Be Surprised Where the Cast of ‘Friends’ Is Right Now

Photo: NBC

Of all the TV show culprits worthy of a reunion, Friends seems to be the usual suspect, mainly due to their chemistry and the fact that none of them are currently incarcerated (way to go, Dustin Diamond). You may be surprised how well off the cast of Friends is doing right now, considering their soaring stardom in the ‘90s. Then again, Donald Trump is President Elect right now so anything goes.

So while you awesome folks saw what the cast of Family Matters and Growing Pains are up to today, it’s time to look at what the cast of what was arguably one of the best sitcoms of ’90s is up to now.

You May Be Surprised Where the Cast of ‘Friends’ Is Right Now

Well, a Friends reunion was done recently on NBC (without Matthew Perry) but it was just the cast paying to director James Burrows. What we really want to see is for Friends to return to a TV sitcom reunion (ala Full House). Now get on it, Netflix, this is something the fans need (I need it mostly).

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