Fans Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Think They’ve Discovered A Secret Code In The Last Episode

It’s been pretty damn rough for The Walking Dead gang so far in season 7, as we are only four episodes in and (SPOILERS) Glenn and Abraham have been killed, Rick has lost his “leader” status, and the baddie that everyone loves to hate, Negan is making everyone’s life is living hell. Oh, and Daryl is stuck with him.

 But are things about to get a tad better? In the last episode titled Service, Rick asks Negan if he can have Daryl back, only for Negan to say no after Daryl remains silent and doesn’t utter a word. Or maybe he did communicate with Rick. Some hardcore fans believe that Daryl’s constant blinking was an attempt to tell Rick something… via Morse Code.

We need to remember that Daryl and Merle (RIP) would hunt together, and they would use various hand and eye signals. Also, Carol even taught Daryl a form of Morse Code while they were rescuing Beth.

There was also this shot from the last episode. Notice what’s on the wall?

Now if this is true and you believe this theory, some fans have deciphered Daryl’s “code” as “Six miles east of Hilltop,” which would be the location of where Negan and his “army” are currently staying.

Fascinating theory, and it sure helps keeps our hopes for the gang up. What do you think?

h/t The Hook Magazine

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