Bill Burr’s Take On Donald Trump Winning The Election Will Cheer You Up

How surprising is the fact that Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States of America to comedian Bill Burr?

“Him winning is the most astounding thing I have ever seen,” Burr said on last night’s episode of “Conan.” “The star of a reality show is going to run the country. The guy who decided if Bret Michaels or Cyndi Lauper would make a better CEO for a company that doesn’t exist is going to be running stuff.”

Conan has great chemistry with guest Norm Macdonald, but check out Burr do his thing.

But that doesn’t mean that Burr is terrified that the former WWE star is going to be in charge. In fact, he doesn’t thing anything will change that much once he gets sworn in early next year.

“What going to happen to you?” Burr asked the audience. “If you liked Obama, did he call you at all in the last eight years? Did he ever put a sandwich on your table? You do that. You’re going to keep doing that. You’re going to be fine.”


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