Clinton Supporter Eats His Boogers On National Television

I guess if you’re looking at this with a “glass half-full” point of view, hey, at least he didn’t pick his ass instead of his nose and eat whatever was in there like this German soccer coach did earlier this year. And at least it isn’t more gross than this MMA cut.

Some people deal with their beloved candidate losing an election by walking home, locking their doors and drinking heavily.

Others? You guessed it: The eat their boogers on live television.

Clinton Supporter Eats His Boogers On National Television

I mean, wow, dude. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than your beloved Hillary Clinton pulling off the impossible and losing to a guy like Donald Trump, there’s the thing about being known as that one Clinton supporter who was so devastated by what was taking place Tuesday night that you picked your nose and ate your boogers on national television. It looks like you now have more than one reason to pack your shit up and move to Canada.

In a related story, you can add this clown’s actions to the already long list of reasons why I no longer shake anybody’s hand.

I guess she’s got the booger eaters’ votes locked up in the next election: Watch Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner Eat A Booger On Live TV