Penguin Comes Home And Finds His Wife With Another Bird And The Fight is ON

It could have been from my fifth grade teacher or an episode of Friends, but somewhere along the way, I remember hearing that penguins roam the land looking for their soulmate, and once they find said soulmate, they stay faithful to each other for the rest of their lives.

Well, not this bitch.

It’s not like these are humans, and we have to read confessions of cheating spouses or brutal revenge examples, these are actual penguins going at it.

The National Geographic Channel recently had a film crew following around penguins, and along the way, they came upon a male bird who was walking home after a long day at the office and happened upon his wife with another penguin. I can only assume that if the other penguin would have been another female, it would have been the greatest day of this guy’s life.

That wasn’t the case, and what happened next was something straight out of a Tarantino movie:

We’re not sure how it works in the world of penguins, but hopefully this tramp doesn’t legally get half of this poor guy’s shit after they go their separate ways.

h/t Barstool Sports

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