Here Are The Best Cubs Stories You Missed Since Their World Series Win

Pictured above is Cubs slugger Kris Bryant, kissing his fiancee on the field following his team’s first World Series title in 108 years. We can’t get enough of people kissing following what’s been the most amazing sports story of the year. We also can’t get enough of the explosion of stories in the hours and days since the ‘Curse of the Billy Goat’ died.

Let’s start with Theo dropping an F-bomb following the win. He doesn’t like it when people jump to conclusions before the game is over.

Even better? Theo and Bill Murray doused each other with champagne in the locker room.

Grandpa opened this 32-year-old can of Coors he’s saved since 1984, waiting for a Cubs World Series victory.

ABC News briefly mentioned this 108-year-old Cubs fan, who was a newborn when the team won their last World Series in 1908. She’s happy to finally see one she can remember.

Here’s what the insanity looked like when the team got back into O’Hare.

Thursday night after their performance in Chicago, the cast of Hamilton sang “Go Cubs Go.”

ESPN aired this ‘This Is Sportscenter’ commercial following the Cubbies win.

Talk about thinking ahead.

Budweiser resurrected Harry Caray from the dead in this incredible commercial that will give you the chills … in a good way.

In honor of the World Series win, the Cubs posted a new music video for Eddie Vedder’s song dedicated to the team, “All The Way.” It’s a great depiction of the deep-rooted emotion that spewed from fans and players following the victory.


· Fans are writing their names on this brick wall outside Wrigley for those loved ones who didn’t live long enough to see the Cubbies win the World Series.

· Here are the best genuine reactions from the Cubs fans following the last out, men who have been waiting their entire lives for this moment.

· Finally, this man drove 600 miles to listen to the Cubs win with his father at his grave in order to keep a decades old promise.

· And oh ya, according to Vegas Insider, the Cubbies are a three to one favorite to repeat as World Series champions next year.

The World Series victory parade is Friday afternoon in Chicago. Any kid that goes to school instead should be disciplined.

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.